7 Positive Travel Nursing Trends in 2020

7 Positive Travel Nursing Trends in 2020

It’s an election year, and so many things in healthcare or having to do with government policy are in limbo. This is just how things go when there’s uncertainty on the next administration and what changes they might make. However, there are a few things we can look at and say – this is likely to happen this year. And for travel nurses, this is a good thing. There are several positive travel nursing trends in 2020 to look forward to. From a potential pay increase to more states joining the compact license, here is our list of seven travel nurse trends to keep an eye on in 2020.

7 Travel Nursing Trends in 2020 | Which Excites You Most?

Online education options will increase

For those of you hoping to continue your education, the good news is that you’ll likely see an increase in online education options. This means you can have an easier time of enrolling in classes while still working as a travel nurse.

More states will join the Nurse Licensure Compact

Are you anxiously waiting for your state to jump on the band wagon and join the compact license? Well, maybe this is the year. More and more states are signing up or almost through the on-boarding process. This will make it easier for nurses in those states to travel.

Speak another language? You’re in high demand

If you speak another language, this may really come in handy in the years to come. Bilingual nurses are already extremely valuable in certain parts of the country. However, we can expect to see demand for this skillset increasing in more and more areas.

There will be a shift in focus to holistic care

travel nursing trends in 2020 holistic

This should be no surprise. Your patients are becoming increasingly more educated about their health now that they can research online. They are looking for natural cures as movements like veganism and sustainability gain momentum. With this, patients are going to expect you to consider ways to combine modern medicine with holistic treatment. In fact, Time Magazine recently published a special edition issue that focuses on alternative medicine and how it’s growing in popularity in healthcare.

Travel nurse jobs will continue to increase

You won’t have to worry about a job shortage in 2020. Travel nurse jobs will increase, especially as older nurses retire. Also, as the overall population is aging, geriatric nurses will grow in demand. It might not be a bad idea to consider which specialties have the most need and switching your focus in that direction.

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Salaries and benefits may increase

More good news when it comes to travel nurse trends in 2020 – you may see an increase in pay. With more demand means more money. However, as more and more nurses are continuing their education, it may be the new norm to have a bachelor’s degree or higher as a registered nurse. This, too, will increase pay and opportunity for those who meet this criteria. However, it could make it more challenging for nurses who don’t have a BSN.

More telehealth career options available

Lastly on our list – telehealth options will continue to increase this year and, in the years, to come. This will help people in rural areas gain access to healthcare, and therefore will mean more need for nurses and nurse practitioners who understand this technology. Nurses using telehealth also need to have the personable skills it takes to connect with patients via telephone or through a webcam. Patients are taking more control over their healthcare, and they want convenience. This is why we’ll see telehealth on the upswing.

Which travel nursing trends in 2020 are you most excited for or already seeing an uptick in? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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