Why Should You Choose Travel Nursing in California?

Why Should You Choose Travel Nursing in California?

Travel nursing is about honing your nursing skills and learning in various environments. However, another important part of travel nursing is your assignment location. There are great cities and towns in every state of the U.S. You can explore our different state pages to find a great assignment in every state! One of the most popular states for travel nursing is California. California is known for sunny beaches, great wine country, and even fantastic hikes and parks. There are so many places to explore in California. Do you want to know more about travel nursing in California? We’ve created an informative list of reasons to take your travel nursing skills to California!

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Reasons to Choose Travel Nursing in California

The Scenery and Nature

California is one of the biggest states in the country. Because of its vast size, it has several different types of terrain. California is home to beaches, big cities, small towns, ski resorts, wine country, national parks, and so much more. The Golden State is home to some of the most fabulous and famous beaches, including Laguna Beach, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and Newport Beach. Surfing is a popular pastime among locals, but there is so much more to do that doesn’t involve the Pacific. The Hollywood district is a great location for film and TV buffs! You could see your favorite TV show being taped or visit different film studios. Los Angeles nightlife is unlike any other, so whether you are exploring under sun or starlight, you’ll have constant entertainment. Many travel nurses are drawn to Northern California, where temperatures are cooler, and life moves more slowly. Wherever you look for an assignment in California, you will find the perfect place for you.

Competitive Pay Rates

One of the most important things to keep in mind when searching for jobs travel nursing in California is pay. Southern California pay rates are much lower than Northern California pay rates. Though this is not necessarily true for every assignment, it is fairly constant. The greater Los Angeles area and San Diego have some of the lowest pay rates in the state. However, there are several assignments available in these areas that do offer competitive pay rates. You just need to explore travel nursing in California and find these opportunities! There are several hospitals in places like Thousand Oaks and West Hills that pay higher than the average Southern California hospital. You can also turn to Northern California to find more competitive pay rates while still working in the same state.

RN Staffing Ratio Law

California’s RN Staffing Ratio Law decrees that there must be a minimum RN to patient ratio for hospitals. This ensures that hospitals will always need more nurses. The demand for nurses in California is greater than in other states. It is a violation for a hospital to assign more than a few patients to one nurse. This means more jobs are available. The law also means that, as a nurse, you will have more coworkers to help you when there are more patients. Because California implements the RN Staffing Ratio Law, they are strict about other nursing rules. These rules include proper rest breaks and meal breaks. You will be able to perform better and be healthy with proper meals and rest.

Are you interested in taking your travel nursing skills to California? Now that you know more information about travel nursing in California, you may be ready to apply for an assignment! Be sure to browse our list of California travel nursing assignments! No matter where in California you end up, you will have a fantastic experience.

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