Top Reasons You Should Find Travel Nurse Jobs in Alaska

Top Reasons You Should Find Travel Nurse Jobs in Alaska

Are you trying to decide where to go for your next travel nurse assignment? Why not pick Alaska? This breathtaking and enormous state has so much to offer, from career potential to scenery and new experiences. You’ll see glaciers, stunning scenery, and vast wildlife. Plus, you could also enjoy great fishing opportunities and dog-sledding, if that’s more your speed! If you’re an adventure seeker, Alaska is the perfect place for you! So, what’s holding you back? Fill out a quick application on TravelNurseSource and connect with recruiters who will help you find travel nurse jobs in Alaska today!

Five Reasons You Should Find Travel Nurse Jobs in Alaska

travel nurse jobs in Alaska

1. 13 weeks of wild

Travel nurse jobs in Alaska, like many travel assignments, typically require a 13-week stay. That’s slightly longer than a vacation, but obviously not a full-time commitment. This means you get 13 weeks to explore the wild frontier of one of the most coveted and unique travel destinations in the United States. If you enjoy nature – and I’m talking nature like, bear sightings and hiking and fishing – then Alaska is the place for you. As the largest state in the country, you won’t have enough time in one assignment to see it all.

2. Rural communities need you

Because Alaska is so big and the population so widespread, communities are often isolated to things that they desperately need, like healthcare. As we know, it is difficult to keep nurses in rural areas full time. This is why having travel nurses come in and fill these gaps is so critical. Not only will you be able to explore wild Alaska, but you’ll be able to bring to the native people a caring and much-needed hand in their healthcare.

3. Job availability is high

As mentioned above, there is a great need for travel nurses in Alaska. This is good news, and probably one of the most important reasons you should consider travel nurse jobs in Alaska. Job availability is high there! For example, there are nearly 2,000 assignments posted to TravelNurseSource right now for nursing positions in Alaska. They span specialties from emergency room nurses to medical surgical, and cities such as Nome, Fairbanks, and Anchorage.

4. There’s so much to see and do

You’ll be much needed at work if you go to Alaska, but when you’re not at the hospital, you’ll be exploring. There’s so much to see and do in this state, from national parks to museums. Check out our short list of things to do during your travel nurse assignment in Alaska. Keep in mind you should research exactly where you’re going to be, because this list just touches the surface of all that awaits you in the Last Frontier State.

Suggested Attractions in Alaska

5. Alaska will change your life

If you’re a travel nurse because you love to travel; because you love meeting new people, experiencing unique cultures, and embracing change, go to Alaska. Alaska is a wild place that will put to practice your passion for nursing. It will introduce you to a completely different way of life and people walking a path so far from your own. In the end, by accepting travel nurse jobs in Alaska, you will change your life. As someone who loves to travel, you know there are many ways that that new places can change your perspective, for better or worse. Alaska is a powerful place to experience, and you’ll be getting paid to do it!

Keep in mind that Alaska is not currently a compact license state. Make sure you find out exactly what you need to do in order to practice in Alaska.

Happy travels!

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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