Healthcare Industry Magazines: Your Industry Insiders

Healthcare Industry Magazines: Your Industry Insiders

There are plenty of resources for travel nurses to peruse in their free time to stay up-to-date on topics within their industry. From online blogs to forums to digital magazines and finally physical magazines. With the internet, the possibilities are endless! But sometimes, nurses may not want to go searching for this information with their busy schedules and hectic lives. This is where subscribing to a few healthcare industry magazines can help keep you in the loop.

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How Healthcare Industry Magazines Keep You Informed as a Travel Nurse

Before getting into a few specific magazines, it is important to know how these publications can benefit you as a travel nurse. First and foremost, these magazines work to provide nurses with the latest trends in the industry. Along with trends in nursing, they provide information on travel and lifestyle that pertain specifically to travel nurses. This means that they go beyond what the general RN magazine can offer.

Moreover, these magazines offer their readers industry news, and continued education experiences. Plus, they provide pointers from industry insiders and experts, advice for your career, and personal stories from other traveling nurses.

All of this is offered in a few magazine subscriptions without the hassle of having to go searching for it! What are you waiting for? Check out some of the options we have for you below.

5 Healthcare Industry Magazines for Travel Nurses

Here are a few healthcare industry magazines/digital publications that are extremely useful for travel nurses!

1. Healthcare Traveler Today

This online magazine is an amazing resource for travel nurses all over. The site has created a community that is devoted specifically to the traveling nurse or healthcare worker and provides a lot of interesting information directly from healthcare travelers themselves. This means that it isn’t coming from a source outside of the field, but an industry insider.

Healthcare Traveler Today states that their goal is to “inform, equip, and inspire you.” To do that, they provide you with industry trends, market insights, news reports, tools and databases for travel, and personal stories from travel nurses.

2. Modern Nurse Magazine

Unlike Healthcare Traveler Today, Modern Nurse Magazine writes for all nurses, not just travelers. Despite this, the magazine is still a great resource for travel nurses as it covers traveling as well as all of your other nurse needs.

Subscribing to this magazine means that you will enjoy content pertaining to the nursing lifestyle, career, education, and industry insights. The Modern Nurse even provides nurses all over with humor to keep you laughing during those long shifts.

3. Scrubs

Scrubs Magazine is a little different from your normal nursing magazine. Instead of focusing on the industry, it focuses on you! Not only will you find advice and stories from other nurses, but you will also find fashion tips and ideas for making the most of your time off duty.

This online publication understands the hard work and dedication that goes into your career and wants to make sure that you feel appreciated. That’s why it focuses on you and how you can feel your absolute best!

4. Modern Healthcare

Focused on today’s healthcare, Modern Healthcare magazine is a great source to find all the news about healthcare business, policy, and research. This magazine will keep you informed on all of the ins and outs of the industry and all of the new changes coming.

Ranked No. 1 in readership, Modern Healthcare is definitely a great magazine to subscribe to in order to stay in the know about your industry.

5. Healthcare Global

Aimed at healthcare executives, this online magazine is a great source for all of the healthcare industry news around the world. Their online magazine brings you an interactive experience that will give you an all-inclusive look at industry insights and analytics. Healthcare global is a great way to stay informed about the important topics in the industry.

Knowing the resources that are out there for you is only one part of the process. Now it’s time for you to check them out for yourself, decide what fits your interests, and subscribe!

What is your favorite healthcare industry magazine? Let us know below…

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