Why You Should Consider Travel Nursing in Connecticut

Why You Should Consider Travel Nursing in Connecticut

There is something unique about each state, so when you’re looking for the best travel nurse assignment for you, what factors do you consider? Pay, job availability, things to do? Here we’ll break down all of that and more for your exclusive guide on why to consider travel nursing in Connecticut!

Travel Nursing in Connecticut | Job availability

There are hundreds of jobs listed for the state of Connecticut. You can find jobs in different license types – RN, LPN and CNA. You can also search for specific specialties. Another way to find travel nursing jobs in Connecticut on our website is to reach out to individual agencies or recruiters. If you know there is an agency or recruiter you prefer to work with, they can help you through the application process.

Things to Do While Travel Nursing in Connecticut

A great reason to travel to Connecticut is because there are lots of things to do in this north eastern state. It is located on the coast, has a variety of cities and touristy towns, and it is close to other states like New York and New Jersey. Here are some popular things to see and do in Connecticut!

For the literature lover

You can visit the Mark Twain house, which is located in Hartford. This historic landmark is beautiful to look at, but it also functions as a museum. Mark Twain lived in the house with his family in the 1800s.

For the shopaholic

There are some notable shopping malls in Connecticut that you can look up once you know where you are living on assignment. Here’s a list of some of the most popular ones!

Beach bum

travel nursing in Connecticut

There are several beaches along Connecticut’s Atlantic coast. Some are best for walking and sunbathing while others have lighthouses to explore. Many offer activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating. Once you get to your assignment, you’ll be able to explore all of the beaches closest to you!

Outdoor adventurer

Although Connecticut is a coastal state and is close to large metropolitan areas, it also has a wealth of nature available to those who prefer an outdoor adventure. Take your pick – you can go zip lining, sky diving, boating, hiking, fishing – the options for outdoor adventure are endless.

Unique Health Issues in Connecticut

Of course, the main reason you are traveling to Connecticut is to take care of people. This state has a few unique health issues that, depending on your specialty, you’ll be able to help with firsthand. First of all, racial and ethnic health disparities are a pressing issue in this state, so if that’s something you’re passionate about helping to fix, consider Connecticut. For example, black residents are five times more likely than white residents to visit the emergency room due to asthma, and twice as like to die from diabetes or be hospitalized for diabetes. Other issues the state struggles with are in improving data and preserving health care coverage.

Travel Nursing in Connecticut During COVID-19

COVID-19 now adds another layer of circumstances to consider when you are looking for travel nurse assignments. If you are traveling to a state with a high case count of positive patients, you may qualify for higher, crisis rates. We predict this will ebb and flow as the virus does, until of course there is a vaccine. As of May 2020, Connecticut ranks 11th highest in the country for case count. and there are a few crisis positions still available. You can apply for them here.

How do you decide which state is best for you when you are searching for a travel nurse contract? Chat with us in the comments below!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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