End of Summer Bucket List

End of Summer Bucket List

Almost as quickly as it came, summer is sadly coming to an end. Each year, we all make summer bucket lists but in reality, do you ever really get through everything you wanted to do? Most people get too caught up in their work flow or just forget to take the extra time to experience the new things they had hoped. Maybe you had some awesome events planned for the summer months and, like the majority of the population, just never got around to doing them…well summer may be closing in on us but it’s not too late to make an end of the summer bucket list and actually follow through with it!

Typically summer bucket lists include vacations and other ideas that take time to plan and some extra cash. But savor the last weeks of summer and try some of these ways to live it up and give your brain a rest from you busy work days!

[End of] Summer Bucket List:

  • Have an all-day Netflix binge. Nothing is more relaxing after a long couple of days helping patients than not moving from your bed all-day and binge watching your favorite series. Lucky for you, this bucket list item doesn’t require any money or planning. Some of my favorite series include Breaking BadRevenge, and Parks and Recreation. Even if you don’t have a Netflix account, they happily provide you with a one-month free trial–Just be sure to set a reminder to cancel your subscription before your free month is over or you will receive a $7.99 bill!
  • Volunteer. Whether there’s an animal shelter near you or a soup kitchen, volunteering can help you to learn a lot about yourself and those you are helping. Knowing that you’re making a difference in someone else’s life is just one of the many rewards you could experience.
  • Have a cook out. On your next day off, invite your friends, coworkers, and/or family in the area and have a huge cook out. Fill your yard with fun games and put those delicious Pinterest recipes you’ve been pinning all summer to good use! This will relieve any stress you may be holding in from the past couple days of work, a nice day with family and friends is sure to be the cure you’re looking for! Hey, you might even catch a tan as well!
  • Bonfire. So maybe you can’t catch a break from work and spend the day playing yard games and cooking out with those around you. If you’re working through the day and into the evening, a bonfire is the perfect way to relieve stress and relax with friends. Don’t worry, you can still use some of those awesome Pinterest recipes. Here’s some awesome ideas for campfire get togethers.
  • Try something you’ve never done before. Summer is all about being care free and having fun, so why not try something you’ve never done before! Whether it’s somewhere you’d like to visit, a new type of food you’d like to taste, getting a new hairstyle, trying out a 5k, etc., trying something new will always keep your mind open to new experiences! And who knows, maybe this new experience will become one of your favorite hobbies!
  • Watch the sun rise. If you’re stationed by the beach or even if you’re not, one of the most beautiful things in nature you can experience is a sunrise. The colors will absolutely blow you away and give you a feeling of peace. It really is the perfect way to start your day!
  • Do something crazy. So dealing with patients all day can get vert stressful and sometimes that stress is hard to relieve. Get your endorphins going and do something crazy for one night. Go back to your high school and college days and pull an all-nighter, go skinny dipping, have a little more drinks than normal, etc. Anything that kicks your adrenaline into gear is great for forgetting your troubles and having fun!

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