Job Posting Guidelines & Best Practices ::

TravelNurseSource Job Posting Guidelines & Best Practices

Quality Guidelines:

  1. Agency agrees not to post job openings for any sister companies or divisions that go by another name. All posts on Agencies account will reflect positions that the agency is directly hiring for.

  2. Agency agrees not to include references to external application forms or application methods within job postings on TravelNurseSource

  3. TravelNurseSource does not allow ghost posting. The Agency agrees to only post jobs for current open positions.

  4. The Agency agrees not to target all specialties within job posts on TravelNurseSource if the Agency will not actually be hiring nurses to work with the specialties.

  5. No offensive language or offensive material may be used within job posts on TravelNurseSource.

  6. TravelNurseSource allows no more than 5 duplicate job posts for positions that are targeting the same license, specialty, and location.

Best Practices

  1. When posting jobs, we encourage you to share as much information as possible but the following fields are required in order to be filtered out to our partner job board aggregators such as Zip Recruiter, Monster, Jobs2Careers, etc.:

    • Job Title - For keyword search purposes, we encourage using the type of specialty and nurse you’re looking to hire in the title along with the location as well as any other enticing information that would encourage job seekers to click on your job postings. The title should be short, informative, and motivate candidates to click for more information!

      • Short Title – For our less sophisticated job board aggregates, we created the 'short title' feature within the Job Wizard, which allows you to create an extremely short, keyword oriented title that will ensure that your posts are directed to the correct audience on other job board searches. ‘CDL-A Truck Driver’ is a great example of a short title – no extra fluff needed.

    • States

    • Zip Codes - For maximum exposure, it is in your best interest to include zip codes for relevant cities. If it’s not entered, you are missing opportunities to receive more leads. (If you’re entering multiple zip codes, remember that one zip code will automatically target a 75-mile radius around that location.

    • License - If your job post is tailored to specific licenses, make sure you are selecting this license, or selecting multiple licenses, whichever applies

    • Specialty - If your job post is tailored to a specific specialty, make sure you are selecting this specialty, or selecting multiple specialties, whichever applies

    • Description - Provide a unique, well-written, and detailed description of the job. Try to include keywords to help your jobs populate in more searches through our aggregate partners.

    • Requirements - Provide a detailed list of the requirements you have for the applicants for that specific job campaign. Remember to take advantage of the formatting bar at the top of the Requirements box to make it look neat and tidy! Also keep in mind the ‘Dynamic Content’ drop down menu in the formatting bar can be used in this section.

  2. Do not instruct applicants to apply to the job post via phone, email, or any other means. Interested job seekers will apply to your post directly on our site and you will receive their information as soon as they click “submit.”

  3. If you are in one of the plans that provide you with a unique tracking phone number (Enterprise, National or Core Plus), we encourage you to add this phone number into your job posts. This number automatically re-routes to the recruiting phone number on file for your agency, but allows us to better track the activity that is being sent your way because of our site or job posts specifically.

  4. Job postings are automatically refreshed every two weeks in order to keep this site very low maintenance on your end. It is in your best interest however, to get in the habit of regularly posting new and current jobs if you want to achieve maximum results.

  5. Another thing to keep in mind: Filling out as much information as you can on the Agency Profile will help to rank your job posts slightly higher on our job boards.

The above guidelines are based on the results of our most successful clients. Start posting jobs immediately to increase your chances of receiving direct job applications!

Jobs that don’t meet quality standards may be subject to review and/or adjustment. Listings that prove misleading, compromise the job seeker experience or those which TravelNurseSource deem not representing a “real” job may be made only selectively visible or removed from search results altogether. Please note: TravelNurseSource retains the right to edit or remove any job if we feel it is in our interest or our users’ interest.

If you have questions about these guidelines and how they affect your recruiting needs, please e-mail